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Smart choice of today is not to own, but to share: Marián Repáň at TEDxKošice

Zveřejněno 28 května 2013 autorem FreePub

Marián Repáň has graduated from the university of economics and already during the studies has started an own business. A year ago he turned his back to this style of life and began to devote himself to more meaningful activities, such as the „OdKomunity“ project. Marián is in personal life trying to travel a lot and tries various alternative approaches to the life. For instance, he is one of a few paleo-keto eaters. Portal „OdKomunity“ connects the community able to help themselves. To feel good or for low income of rental. He’s trying to save finances of the users, to contribute the environmental protection, to reduce wastage of exhaustible resources and to support solidarity of citizens.

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